Wallaby User Guide


Welcome! We can't wait for you to see the power of your new Wallaby Therapeutic Hug Blanket.


Please have everyone on your team take a few minutes to read through this short guide before using your new Wallaby.


This guide provides best practices in using Wallaby with your patients, as well as care instructions to ensure you get the most our of your Wallaby.


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The Wallaby Team


Best Practices with Patients

Positioning the Wallaby

The Wallaby is best used with a patient who is slightly reclined in the dental chair. Once the patient is at ease, gently position the Wallaby following the neckline and over the shoulders snugly. The label should face the provider, while the arm curve faces away from the provider's operating area. The Wallaby's reversible design allows for easy adjustment depending on which side the provider will be working from.


Who is a good candidate for the Wallaby?

While the Wallaby will be a great fit for most patients whether they have anxiety or not, we recommend allowing the patient to try the Wallaby for a few minutes and letting them determine if they would like to keep it on for the remainder of their visit.


Who is not a good candidate for the Wallaby?

Patients who have difficulty breathing due to conditions such as asthma or COPD may not be a good candidate for the Wallaby. We recommend using your clinical judgment on a case-by-case basis to determine when the Wallaby is safe to use with your patients.


Care + Maintenance


Do not wash. We recommend wiping down the Wallaby using CaviWipes or any other standard disinfectant between each patient visit to maintain universal precautions and prolong the lifespan of your Wallaby.



For convenient storage, we suggest storing the Wallaby somewhere any team member can easily access it. We recommend a standing rack, bar installed on a wall or door, or folding it on a counter or shelf.


The Subtle Power of Wallaby


Benefits to Providers and Your Teams

  • Reduced time calming a patient or using other time- and cost-consuming alternatives
  • Safety for both the patient and staff by keeping their arms secure in a non-threatening way
  • Quick and simple process to integrate a new tool into your care routine
  • Effective care for patients with psychiatric, emotional, or mental disabilities
  • Larger barrier from debris
  • Positive patient experience leading to long-term patient loyalty, satisfaction, and referrals
  • Differentiation by offering a unique touch of hospitality


Benefits to Patients

  • Reduced anxiety and cortisol levels (stress hormone)
  • Reduction of heart rate to calm nerves
  • Non-invasive, safe alternative to pharmaceuticals
  • No disruption to the rest of their day if sedatives can be avoided
  • Larger barrier from debris
  • Free, no cost to the patient