As a dentist-patient team, we get it

For many of your patients, the dental chair is an anxiety-provoking place to be, which inevitably makes your job harder.


Over half of the population in the US experiences dental anxiety

One in four people avoid going to the dentist out of fear, and 28% of patients routinely cancel their appointments. This means that 92+ million people aren't getting the care they need.

What if there was an easy way to offer your patients an all natural, soothing embrace?

We pondered a simple idea:

By taking better care of patients, everyone wins

Wallaby was born from a moment of insight in the dental chair by a longtime patient + dentist duo. Recognizing the widespread anxiety people have about dental procedures and the emotional burden it puts on providers, we embarked on a mission to redefine the meaning of "care" in healthcare.

Meet Wallaby

Your answer to patient anxiety

Comfortable neckline & extended shoulders

Snug and secure fit while your patient is reclining in the dental chair.

Healthcare-grade, performance materials

Feels like home, performs for healthcare. Stain-resistant, liquid-barrier, durable fabric.

CaviWipes™ friendly

Quick turnover between each patient with a simple wipedown with CaviWipes™. No need for washing machines.

Compact size

Easy to maneuver for the team. Fits most patients. Easy to store.

Wallaby Image Wallaby Image

Proprietary weight distribution

Optimized to apply gentle pressure on specific areas of the body known to induce relaxation.

Fully reversible

Reduce interference from patients on the side you’re working from. Flip the Wallaby depending on if the provider is right or left-handed.

Convenient arm curve

Allow patients to raise a hand (opposite from the provider), receive an IV, or rest outside of the Wallaby for comfort.

Built to last

Designed to endure thousands of uses across all of your patients.


Deep relaxation

Deep pressure stimulation calms the nervous system by reducing cortisol and releasing serotonin.


Patient provider safety

Keeping your patient's arms secure during procedures prevents harmful interruptions.


Hygienic design

Crafted with certified healthcare-grade liquid barrier fabric. Just a quick CaviWipes™-down between each patient!


Natural alternative

Perfect for patients seeking a holistic, sedative-free experience.

The proof is in the patient

In a study of 200+ patients, the calming effects of the Wallaby made a significant impact on patients.


maintained or improved their level of calmness


indicated a measurable decrease in anxiety and nervousness


reported the Wallaby improved their overall experience


said they would like to use the Wallaby again next time

You and your patient deserve better

That’s why we've crafted a patent-pending Therapeutic Hug Blanket designed to make each visit feel more supportive, secure, and calming for everyone involved.


Adult Wallaby$499.00

Thoughtfully engineered, our 10 lb. Therapeutic Hug Blanket delivers deep-pressure stimulation to induce relaxation, lower cortisol, and create a comforting environment that ensures patients feel protected and cared for throughout their visit.

Pediatric Wallaby$449.00

Our 5 lb. therapeutic pediatric Therapeutic Hug Blanket is designed to provide a gentle embrace, reducing stress and promoting a calm environment for children. This humane solution fosters a sense of comfort and care during their visit.

What patients are saying

Whether they have anxiety or not, patients across the board love the Wallaby!

Being warm and having pressure was the best thing I didn’t know I needed

Verified Patient


Like a big hug through out the extraction process

Verified Patient


Wonderful, like being hugged by my wife

Verified Patient


I literally fell asleep within 5 minutes!

Verified Patient


I wish this had been around for all the years I've been going to the dentist.

Verified Patient


Super relaxed and kinda forgot I was there tbh

Verified Patient


It gave the same sensation as having nitrous without the nitrous. The weight felt good.

Verified Patient


A bit more like this was a massage appointment!

Verified Patient


Felt less nervous. Better the longer I used it.

Verified Patient


It was a very sweet and comforting experience. Especially helpful because I had a rather difficult extraction. Thank you!

Verified Patient


Comforting, warm, held

Verified Patient


I felt cared for!

Verified Patient


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