Better Care for Kids

100% of parents said their children either improved or maintained their level of calmness by using the Wallaby

Safe Alternative

Opt for a non-invasive and economically conscious alternative when sedatives are not appropriate due to safety concerns or the patient's unique health conditions.

Calm Patients

By providing a grounding embrace, the Wallaby calms nerves and promotes stillness, resulting in smoother visits and a more positive patient experience

Compassionate Care

Keep restless children still in a humane and empathetic way. Gone are the days of using outdated and often traumatic methods of restraining children

Differentiate Your Practice

Dedicated parents choose the best for their little ones. Offering the Wallaby underscores a commitment to placing the mental health and well-being of their kids at the forefront.

Small Gesture, Lasting Impact

Adapted in size and weight, the Pediatric Wallaby helps kids regulate their nervous system with somatic touch therapy to transform an often vulnerable, daunting experience into a soothing, positive one where both children and parents feel protected and cared for.


gentle ~ calm ~ comfort ~

Product Title$99.00 USD

Our 5 lb. therapeutic pediatric weighted blanket is designed to provide a gentle embrace, reducing stress and promoting a calm environment for children. This humane solution fosters a sense of comfort and care during their visit.

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$99.00 USD

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Take the Comfort Challenge

We're confident in the Wallaby's ability to bring smiles and serenity.


Try it for 90 days and if your patients don't leave soothed and smiling, you can return it for a full refund - no questions asked!